Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday thoughts

Thought I'd just stop by to say hello and let you know that I'm still around.

Like most people around these parts, I've been struck by the dreaded flu/cold bug that is doing the rounds in recent days, which has put my writing a little onto the back burner.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, but in between times there's little to report on really.

Glamorgan look like they have made an interesting signing in the talented young Richard Levi, the latest South African with a UK passport. No doubt Alviro Petersen had something to do with that one and his arrival should offset to some extent the loss of various players in the winter cull.

Meanwhile Hampshire look like fielding three Kolpaks this year, with Friedel de Wet and Johann Myburgh joining Neil McKenzie in their ranks. If nothing else, it should take the pressure of Derbyshire's supposed array of Kolpaks, even if none of them actually are.With Imran Tahir a newly qualified South African as overseas player, the Saffer influence down Southampton way this year should be considerable. If they all fire they should be the team to beat.

It was good to see Usman Khawaja voted Sheffield Shield player of the year in Australia and confirms that John Morris has done extraordinarily well to sign him. Whether he settles in and scores heavily or not, no one can say that Derbyshire and Morris have not shown ambition in the signing. Nor indeed in the talented Martin Guptill, who only needs to get through this careless stage in his innings to be a batsman of the highest class. There's not too much between a scorer of nice 40s and 50s and a really prolific player and Guptill is comfortably young enough to reach the top rank of international batsmen. From what I've seen he has all the shots and just needs to show a little more selectivity in their use to become a top drawer player.

Anyway, 58 days to go, or just under two months. Its been a long cold winter, but we're getting closer now!


Chris said...

Wonder if Steve James dare attack Hants and their Kolpaks brigade?. I wont hold my breath

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