Thursday, 20 January 2011

Once more with feeling

There’s an interesting piece this morning from BBC Hereford and Worcester, with Steve Rhodes claiming that player demands are not as excessive as they were. Seemingly there’s a realisation that the ‘gravy train’ of county cricket is drying up.

He may well be correct, but the top tier of cricketers no longer need the county game so the next one down are keen to further their experience. I assume that will be the case with Derbyshire’s signing of Usman Khawaja and whoever is coming in to cover the second half of the season.

I am convinced that our forthcoming accounts for last season will show a loss. With the club incurring penalties for playing a Kolpak (Robin Peterson) and a non-qualified player (Chesney Hughes) the central allocation will have been reduced. Meanwhile, attendances at the T20 were disappointing despite an encouraging campaign, mainly down to poor weather, the World Cup and understandably slow pitches after being relaid and turned around.

That being the case I think it extraordinary that we will have two overseas players for the T20. My guess is that it will be another batsman, for no other reason than anything otherwise would be a change to the gameplan mid-season. While there may be concern over whether our bowlers can keep the opposition tied down, conversely we could go with the idea of putting ourselves out of sight.

I don’t see many available bowlers who could both keep it tight in the T20 and do a good, penetrative and affordable job in the second half of the Championship campaign, so I’d be happy to see another batsman come in with a reputation to build on.

If he has the potential of Khawaja, who’s going to be disappointed?


Anonymous said...

Good signing. Well done John Morris. I'd like to see a hard hitting allrounder for the second half of the season maybee someone like Albie Morkel or Cameron White.

Peakfan said...

No money for them mate. Sorry...

Anonymous said...

We'll have to settle for Steyn then!

Anonymous said...

Mark Eklid had confirmed in his article on 20th January that the second overseas player would be a batsman.